Fiend EP

by Harry Nichols

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It's one thing to write a song. It's entirely another to produce it. I've never felt entirely comfortable releasing stuff I've mixed for mass consumption because at the end of the day, I only have my ears and very little technical knowledge to work with. Then again, I find myself being compelled to step out of my comfort zone in many ways these days. A fellow Ithaca songwriter, Beverly Stokes, perhaps best expressed my motivations when she wrote, "Silence may equal dignity, but action equals integrity."

This EP is one of many steps toward integrity for me. It's part protest, part meditation on the past year as I've lived it. Some of the opinions I've expressed on it may be incorrect, but I've decided that not expressing them, maintaining my dignified silence, is more destructive. I'd rather deal with any cognitive dissonance that may arise from having my opinions refuted than do nothing at all.

I want to thank my beautiful wife for bearing with me as I spent an absurd amount of time working on these five songs, all as we are preparing for our first kid. Also, to my first kid, yet unborn, for giving me the balls to fight for a brighter future.

It may be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the EP. All money made off of it will be donated to American Civil Liberties Union, one of the many worthy causes that can help carry us through this mess.



released January 28, 2017

All tracks written, recorded and mixed my Harry Nichols



all rights reserved


Harry Nichols Ithaca

Harry Nichols is a singer/songwriter who has written for over 10 years. His music is eclectic, but tends to fall under the categories of pop and folk, with infectious melodies and meaningful, unique lyrics. In 2010, he released his first album, "Hangover Sundays." In 2012, his second album, "Love en Route" was released. He currently lives and gigs in Ithaca, NY. ... more

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Track Name: Karmic View
I’m dreaming about the end of the world
My baby’s dreaming about our little baby girl
I try to tell her a dream is just a dream, but then again
Things ain't always exactly the way they seem.

I keep my eyes always pointed at the stars
Looking for impact to come from afar
I don’t know what we’ve got ourselves into,
But I got a karmic view

I know each and everyone is a sinner
I know every unkempt house is gonna splinter
I know reality is written by the winner
But if I don’t write it down, then I’ll probably forget by the winter

Down here in the good land, we’re building a house
With a bible in each bedroom and bay windows looking out
Or so we think until we find the backdrop’s fiction too,
We got a Karmic view.
Track Name: The Old Roads
Hey, did you think you were gonna be saved?
Hey, did you think to throw all your cares away
Yeah, did you find what you were looking for
At the end of the carnage of that year long televised war

Hey did you dignity grow back?
Hey, did you get that high-paying job you lost back?
Hey, was your wholesale buying worth it
At the end of the chaos of that year long televised circus
Was it all worth it?

I do believe that Bob said the old roads are fading
But you can work to pave the way
What would my grandfather say, given that,
The old roads and the old ways are never coming back?

Hey, you really think they give a shit about you?
Hey, you really thing they know all the pain you went through?
Hey will he sacrifice himself, or a minute of worry, or a dollar of his wealth?
What does he know of hell?

I don’t know what you know,
I’ve just always been told if it’s too good to be true
Baby you better let it go
And so a grifter came along
singing American songs, my friends and I had seen this scam,
But so many more just sang along.
Track Name: This Way
It’s always been this way
It’s always been this way
Hard for me to hear, harder for you to say
It’s always been this way

I’m mumbling to myself
Mumbling to myself
I’ve lived a youthful dream
While some live a kind of hell
But I’m mumbling to myself

When my baby’s getting grown
When my baby’s getting grown
Will she have the chance to reap all we have sown
When My baby’s getting grown

Time won’t understand
Time will break all hands
When all we have is plans
And they all fall through

I got a karmic view
I got a karmic view
Means the same to me, does it mean the same to you?
What are we gonna do?
Track Name: Herodotus Flaw
I thought I saw this on a television show,
My daddy turned it off and said,
“Boy you’re ‘sposed to know your fact from fiction, kid”
I remembered everythign the actors said and did

And I saw it on a re-run, 20 years beyond the day
But it was not in the movies,
it was there on the front page of the New York Times
And it seems that art and history are always trading lines

And it seems sometimes this country’s written it’s true
And the subtext all comes screaming back to you
Yeah but the message isn’t clear from underneath your second beer
But it might be in another round or two

It’s singing hold me through the night till sober morning
Only until I can get the full story
Hold me until I read the bitter end

I don’t believe every word I say and hear,
But you can’t live in a vacuum, and the truth you cannot fear
When it comes to light
‘Cause if it is the truth, then we’re gonna be just fine

But what if our nation is an existential pose,
We may sense the light of meaning right before the shadow throws
our epiphany
In the small scope of our lives, the irony’s hard to see

And I can’t blame anyone for anything
‘Cause I don’t know the author’s mind and I know he don’t know me
But this circle that we draw, this herodotus flaw
Has never been so obvious to me

Is it always gonna be the same?
Is it somehting you and I can change?
Or am I reading too much into it?
Babe don’t think a thing of this waste