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by Harry Nichols

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Each track on this album will be released as a single in support of a Harry Nichols Band show. Check them out!

When I was a kid, my dad showed me Star Wars. I imagine I was four or five at the time, although to be honest, I don't recall when the real first time was. At that age, I called it C-3PO, because I liked to watch all the robots and space ships for hours on end. As I grew up, I watched the films again and again, internalizing it shot for shot, line for line, and sound effect for sound effect. I collected action figures and played with them. I invented new stories, adopted the saga as my own, and all of my friends did the same. It was the birth of my geekdom. Over the years, I have come to be defined by other stories as well, and have accepted these as a part of me also. This album is more than just a tribute to these influences, however. It's also an affirmation for the dorks to come, the hordes of uncool destined to inherit the earth long after being a nerd ceases to be cool once again. It's a reminder to be what you are, and love it. Long live the geek.



released December 2, 2014

Harry Nichols Band:

Harry Nichols- Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar.
Aaron Arm- Drums
Mike Brando- Bass
Drew Serafini- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

All songs written by Harry Nichols.

Engineered by Steven J. Goldman and Harry Nichols.
Mixed and Mastered by Steven J. Goldman for Four Legs Records, Washingtonville, NY.

Thanks to my family and friends, George Lucas from 1977-1983, Hironobu Sakaguchi, George Romero, Homer, Jane Austen, Eve Sedgwick, Gene Roddenberry, Koji Suzuki, and of course, Brian Wilson.



all rights reserved


Harry Nichols Ithaca

Harry Nichols is a singer/songwriter who has written for over 10 years. His music is eclectic, but tends to fall under the categories of pop and folk, with infectious melodies and meaningful, unique lyrics. In 2010, he released his first album, "Hangover Sundays." In 2012, his second album, "Love en Route" was released. He currently lives and gigs in Ithaca, NY. ... more

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Track Name: Menelaus
Oh Helen, what am I to do?
I've been waging these wars for you.
I in my silver armor, strong,
I've been raging for far too long

Is there something I should do?
Is there something I should be?

I am Menelaus.
I am a king of men, but it all seems a moot point and
I am man of vows.
With my best laid plan, I'm falling through again.
Is he such a greater find?

Oh Helen how am I to say
I've been drinking my pain away.
That goddess stole you all way
but you did not voice your disdain.

Suckers never know they're blind.
Pull your image from my eyes.

When I write this history
all the girls will pity me.
Track Name: Slenderman / Horror Noir
He's waiting in the woods for you.
Tall thin man, plain black suit.
Don't you come too near;
He can see you here.

He's followed you since childhood.
There's no such thing as empty woods.
When he's reaching out,
don't you turn around.

Horror Noir is taking it's toll on me.
I came to you looking to get some sleep
I should have know you'd only keep me awake.

I saw a girl climbing up out a well.
Ever since then, anxiety can't be helped.
I should have closed my little eyes,
but I'm too thrilled by the surprise.
You only keep me awake.

It's in my mind; it's in my dreams.
It's in my books, in my TV.
It only keeps me awake.